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Full Chakra Activation | Kundalini

Posted by Maggie M. on

Maybe today you’ve said to yourself, I can meditate, so now what?

Kundalini. That’s what! 😉

💥This powerful energy rests by your root chakra and coccyx and can be activated at will through meditation. It’s not to be taken lightly, as it can cause overwhelming sensations!

🌈When activated, Kundalini travels upward through designated Nadi channels, while turning on each chakra, as it makes its way to connect with the male energy of the crown chakra.

☀️Once reached, a sense of enlightenment washes over you.

🐍Getting to this euphoric Kundalini Awakening might cause you to revisit old wounds and pain.

💪To get the most out of a Kundalini experience, do it when you are ready to tackle, work on, and resolve past pain.

💧☀️🌈”After the rain, the rainbow.”


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