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3 Fun Facts That Will Motivate You to Start Doing Yoga!

Posted by Maggie M on

The most common type of yoga that is practiced in the United States, is Hatha Yoga.  It is a more modern version of yoga that emphasizes yoga poses and exercise routines.  It is also the type of yoga that is studied when researching its role in health.  Among that research are studies that say the following about practicing yoga:

1. Regulates emotions and increases GABA:

Just one session of yoga can create change in the way you regulate your emotions (3).  Continued yoga practice can improve mood and decrease anxiety by increasing GABA naturally (2)  

2. Promotes healthy immune system:

Practicing yoga increases anti-inflammatory neuro-hormonal substances, which means less time being sick, if infected with a virus (1)  

3. Strengthens lung function:

Breathing techniques used in yoga strengthen the inspiratory and expiratory muscles, improving lung function and capacity (1)

So there you have it, yoga is great for mind, body, and health!


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