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Mindfulness — Meditation

Meditation and Anxiety

Posted by Shelly M on

I used to meditate regularly, when I was childless and less stressed.The irony that I need to meditate more now that I have a full schedule and a couple of kids underfoot and no longer have the time, does not escape me.  Maggie and I can both attest that being moms that work from home is one of the most stressful jobs for us. As moms we also know and understand that it can take a toll on us mentally and physically.  A few months ago, panic attacks and anxiety had me struggling to find an outlet for my stress....

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Meditation | Mindfulness

Posted by Maggie M on

For those that are interested in practicing mindfulness, but don’t know the basics, or where to start, this quick rundown is for you!  Mindfulness by definition is the “process of purposely bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment”. (1) The attention that is given in this moment is without judgment, meaning that there is no good or bad feeling attached to the event.  It just IS. Mindfulness can be used as therapy.  The awareness, or the birds-eye-view to the moment, opens up the possibility of working on your self-growth and self-healing.   If you have a negative feeling...

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