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Manifestations of Guidance

Posted by Maggie M. on

As I looked out my window this morning, I noticed a heart shaped balloon floating in the back yard with the words "Happy Valentine's Day" written on it, along with a red robin fluttering by not too long after.  I'm sure the balloon is a neighborly remnant from a Valentine's day gift, a week and a half ago. Lost to the earth now.  But is it?

Or is it a sign? A sign for me.  A sign that I myself created and brought to me through visualization?  I choose to believe the latter. 

When philosophers and gurus and books explain Manifestation, it is defined as something spiritual that becomes real.

Usually, when meditating on a goal to manifest, we tend to only want to see that specific manifestation.  We focus on the manifesting of the end goal.  We rarely stop to think that we also manifest the little things, the signs, that appear to us, that are caused and manifested by us to guide us to the bigger manifestation.

When i saw that balloon and the red robin, I felt as if I gave myself those physical signs through my visualizations and meditations and prayers to help me continue the path that I'm on.  

With this inspiration, I leave you with these words today:

Listen to the signs.  They are YOUR manifestations  of guidance.


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